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  1. Best of luck with the news reporting.Its important to pace yourself and avoid burning yourself out.
  2. Thank you Ryon for putting in the time and effort to get the site back online, even while no longer having any accountability for MFFA.  

  3. Heres on of my personal favorite Kfms, based on Shuzo Matsuoka. Shuzo Man by BT-1000 Btw "Unknown Creator (KFM X)" is by Wing Syo
  4. The simple answer to the question is because I'm not 100% certain of the release date and file modified dates have proven to be unreliable. Something I noticed which was very common when putting together the collection is that some of the .def and .sff of certain stages did not match their release/update dates. I can understand .def in case people want to change music, but I don't understand why some .sffs had different dates. In fact I went looking for stages I already had to see if I could find some with the original .sff dates, some of which I could not accomplish. One example is the Final Destination stage GarchompMatt provided me above. If I'm not mistaken, the sprites used for that version of the stage were only released in 2008, yet clearly that archive has it as 2010. Also, thank you so much for providing me with the Basement stage and pointing out that the Colony Remix stage was in Navana's mediafire. I was pretty loose-handed when it came to the GG stages simply because of how many times ExShadow updated/re-released them.
  5. Great collection man, heres the old version of strider Hakutyo; Also, NGeo's Nekkyou no Hiryu can be found here;
  6. Thank you so much for the Magneto stage! Also I already have the colony stage, its listed as the first stage under the "-UNKNOWN RELEASE/UPDATE YEARS-" section.
  7. You actually pointed out 2 big inconsistencies. I only bundled the versions with similar sprites, that mute city should not have been bundled with the hi-res variants. I also had that final destination in my database, but didn't remember to upload it for some reason. Thanks so much man. I know some people are going to be bummed that I removed the bgms from every upload, but aside from saving space, I did it to preserve the files in the long run so that they don't somehow get taken down for having copyrighted mp3s in them.
  8. Some updates; - I have finally finished uploaded all the stages I have from my one drive onto the collection topic. - Provided a direct link to my Onedrive, so if someone wishes to, they can download the entire 6.55gb collection in one shot. - Provided a list of missing stages with reference links. Whats left to do. - Organize the stages by either alphabetical order or by date of release. - Add Mugen version compatibility description to each stage.
  9. If you haven't checked it out already, what are you waiting for!?


  10. You should check out Ryon's stage tutorial video. It's a long video, but it essentially taught me step by step how to put together stages with no prior knowledge.
  11. @Solid Snivy I appreciate the suggestion, I'll definitely think about doing that. @gui0007Thanks man, its a shame it took me so long to realize I should have made the topic a long time ago. Also those are Che Clarke's and Navana's collections, I already have everything off of them, thank you anyhow man.
  12. @Masterhand128 I do intend to put up the list of the missing stages soon. I have putting up the stages from my onedrive, it's just been taking a little longer for me to do it than I expected.
  13. Thank you very much Sonikun, although I already have the stages. I suggest everyone wait to help me with missing stages once I put up the list of whats missing, since I know exactly which they are. @Vibrant I bet you weren't expecting to ever see your first stage again lol.
  14. [ITS FINALLY HERE!] OVER 400 STAGES AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! Direct Onedrive Link to Project:ExShadow (Project ExShadow contains all of the stages listed below in the topic, including Screenpacks and Lifebars!) -2007- -2008- -2009- -2010- -2011- -2012- -2013- -2014- -2015- -2016- -UNKNOWN RELEASE/UPDATE YEARS- (I was unable to confirm/verify the dates of release/update for these stages) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -MISSING STAGES!- (Lend a hand in helping me acquire the stages listed below! The hyper links are just for reference to prove the stage exists.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE FOR HELPING MAKE THIS A REALITY. [Laharl] Without Laharl tasking me to put together the collection at the time, there simply would have been no way I could've put it together in the way I did. Photobucket and Imageshack were both just in the beginning stages of deleting free uploaded images from their servers.Had I attempted to try to make the collection, a few months after, it would have been impossible with all the dead picture urls. [The Magic Toaster] For being a great friend since I came back to Mugen in 2013. He mentioned my name to Laharl, that I should be the one to put it together. He also provided me with a few stages for the collection that I still haven't see anywhere else aside from my collection. Aside from the stage help, he has always been my right hand man when it comes to obtaining Mugen content. [Demitri(Formerly known as Genesis)] Another good friend. When he gave me the privilege of having the position of Administrator on his Tier 1 forum, I had felt the motivation to continue spending hours on this collection because I now felt for the the first time, someone had appreciated my presence in the Mugen Community I've been part of for so long. He also provided me with a few stages, that were still offline everywhere prior to this collection. He has reportedly retired as of not too long ago. [Hayonik] A long time friend who always has my back when it comes to helping me acquire near impossible to find Mugen content I don't have. Provided me a with few stages for this collection that I was missing. [TotalDramaXtremist] Without TotalDramaXtremist, this collection topic would have most likely never been made. Aside from providing with me stages for the collection, he pushed for me to share this collection with everyone. He also was the only one who offered to make the awesome collection topic logo! [Ryoucchi] Ryoucchi has always been there to help to me when it came to anything Mugen related. He also helped me obtain stages for the collection. [Che Clarke] Without Che Clarke's ExShadow collection, I would have been missing tons of stages and my collection would have been put together much slower were it not for it. The effort he made to make the 1st largest ExShadow collection after the massive file takedown was a great feat and and should be recognized. [Electrocaid] Electrocaid is another great long time friend and without a doubt, many stages would have been never seen again were it not for him providing me with so many of them. He even provided me with almost all of ExShadow's first stages! [ExShadow] The legend himself. Arguably the #1 most dedicated and skilled stage creator of this game engine. In all international Mugen communities his name is synonymous with quality content(I've seen it literally mentioned in that way in a Korean Mugen site). Had he not decided to remove all available Mugen content in 2014, the idea of having this collection put together would have never been conceived. I don't question the action he took, but I am only grateful that I was able to gather and share the majority of the content he has released in almost a decade.