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  1. I know it's not part of this thread but, what's the name of those lifebars? 😧
  2. Just a quick question, is there a way to pass the Super Mario Bros.: World 1-1 Bonus Game with "normal" sized characters? I get stuck in the sewer stage as it states on the definition file but idk, is there any bypass or is it only for like SD type chars?
  3. Thank you for your reply. I want to only fight once vs bonus, side scrollers and bosses. I know i can set the number of rounds overall but not to an specific character. I know it's possible because those characters i mentioned have that "ability", if you defeat them it will go directly to an "game over" screen and then the vs screen shows again so, yeah. My intention is to set a "copy paste" code to all of this type of characters to avoid re-doing this stages that are supposed to last only one round. I hope i was able to explain myself better. XP
  4. Hey! I was wondering, how to make characters, like bonus, bosses or the scroll-er stages (D&D), last only one round? The characters I was able to try and seen this option are Dee or Pyro but since I know anything about coding or whatnot I'm not sure if i can just Copy paste the command on the characters def. This is the part i could find that holds this. "Trigger1 = roundstate>1" which is inside this: [State -3] Type = DestroySelf Trigger1 = roundstate>1 But it is in another different file called option and inside the main def it looks like this, so, I think, it actually directs the code to this file, it looks like this: [Files] sprite = core/dee.sff sound = core/dee.snd anim = core/dee.air cmd = dee.cmd cns = core/data-dee.txt st = dee.cns st1 = system-dee.cns st2 = core/vampire_system.cns st3 = option.txt st4 = sword.cns SO! Is there a way to actually modify this characters def, or just copy paste this same file on each and direct it from the def so it can works like said chars? 😧 Thanks in advance!
  5. Wondering if there's a zip link to the stages collection since the thread is dead. :C
  6. A Jem and the holograms full game would be amazing, imo xD
  7. Jem from Jem and the holograms? with "music" notes attacks, like Yurika from Rival Schools? 😮
  8. Mr. X. (RE2) was just released by Mr.Giang (Illusionary Traveller) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZMdun8PkMZ2JId-GeLed5q4U4-M3MSIq/view
  9. I never thought that I was going to spend that amount of time, lol.
  10. Jet Alone's link it's the same as 05's~
  11. nvm, sorry, :v wasn't following the full thing.
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