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  1. I've had these sitting in my files for a while, so I finally decided to finish them up and release them! Having been on a bit of a Skyrim kick lately, I remembered DavisMaximus had released a few stages based on said game a few years back. I decided to give them a bit of a face lift. Changes made: - Minor zoom functionality for all stages - Eastmarch Falls and Irkngthand's floors now have parallax - New snow animation for Winterhold Courtyard Download here: Credits: DavisMaximus, for the original stages DeathScythe, who I "borrowed" the snow animation from
  2. Released another stage! This one's based on Sonic Hysteria, a concept album by NicoCW.

  3. Hey everyone! I'm sorry for my absence from this site. I've released quite a few stages since my disappearance, and decided to make a mega thread for everything here (like my palette threads). Some of these stages are due for updates, as I want to make 1.1 versions of all my stages from here on out. Also major shout-out to ScepterDPinoy on DeviantArt! He did the art and animations for a number of these stages. I hope you all enjoy what I have to offer here, and I hope to add more soon! As always, take a gander! Prism Relic Block Rock Garden New Donk City Metallic Madness Mirage Saloon Judgement Hall The Core Studiopolis Deep Forest (Rain) The Storm Stardust Speedway Enchanted Forest Mushroom Hill Sunset Park Collision Chaos Isolated Island Casino Night
  4. Back with another Sonic-based stage! This time it's one based on Prism Relic from the Sonic Hysteria project by NicoCW, who you might know from me using his music in some of my previous stages. Sonic Hysteria is a concept album inspired by Sonic Mania that Nico is working on, with Prism Relic being one of the original levels. The idea behind it is a level that takes place in the same dimension as the special stages. Nico had released the art assets from his mock-up image and I couldn't resist Mugenizing them! Download here: I hope you all enjoy one of the more ambitious stages I've coded! Credits: NicoCW, for creating the art assets, music, and basically the whole concept behind this stage. Tamez, as I used his floor parallax coding as a reference. RIP Tamez, you still prevail in being a great help for coders like me! SEGA, as I used assets from Sonic CD and Sonic Mania in this stage.
  5. ShiroTori

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    I took over this collection for Mugo a couple years back. If the thread's title or the logo above wasn't any indication, it contains content from SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog series. Also, I won't be accepting any fan characters. I mainly want to stick with things from the games, cartoons, and comics, though some exceptions may apply (Examples: Time Flux Sonic, Ashura/Glitch Sonic). Characters MUGENHunter Sonic / Tails / Knuckles / Amy / Big / Chaos / Shadow / Rouge / Blaze / Espio / EX Espio / Charmy / Mighty / Ray Bean / Bark / Fang / Nack / Sally / Bunnie / Rotor / Manic / Sonia / Scourge / Ashura MUGENHunter (Old) Sonic / Tails / Knuckles / Amy / Espio / Mighty / Shadow / Rouge / Metal Sonic Veanko Sonic / Tails / Knuckles / Chaos Dylanius Shadow Gladiacloud Cream / E123 Omega / Silver Valgallah Tails / Amy / Cream / Emerl ABAB Sonic / Knuckles / Shadow / Rouge Johny Sonic / Shadow / Silver Neo_Fire_Sonic Sonic / Tails / Knuckles / Espio / Shadow / E123 Omega / Metal Sonic / Mephiles / Scourge Tails / Amy / Espio / Blaze / Dark Super Sonic Silver Dark Chaos Sonic / Tails / Knuckles / Amy / Shadow / Cosmo / Perci / Young Sonic "MvC" Sonic Latroy6 Tails / Knuckles / Amy / Cream / Rouge / Blaze / Silver / Shade / Cosmo RussGameMaster Tails / Cream Crowsar Tails / Knuckles / Vector / Espio / Charmy / Mighty / Ray Supermystery Sonic / Tails / Knuckles / Vector / Espio / Metal Sonic / Egg-Robo / Silver Sonic / Mecha Sonic Eggman's Robots / Green Hill Boss / Final Zone Boss / Hill Top Boss / Mystic Cave Boss / Death Egg Robot / Angel Island Sub-Boss / Angel Island Boss Marble Garden Boss / Carnival Night Sub-Boss *Only Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Espio, Vector, Metal Sonic, and Egg-Robo are playable! mariotime Amy *Amy is an edit of Supermystery's Sonic! fawfulfan Mecha Sonic Kyo Kusanagi Sonic / Tails / Knuckles YochiThMaster333 Sonic / Amy *Amy is an edit of Kyo Kusanagi's Sonic! ssonic Super Sonic / Tails / Knuckles Seanaltly Sonic Claymizer Sonic V1 / Sonic V2 Midnight Spirit & Trial Force "Neo" Sonic Prowlerx083 Sonic Tetsuo9999 Sonic BowserKoopa Tails Anjel Shadow omega32able Jet / Mecha Knuckles / Werehog MGSSJ2 Super Sonic / Super Tails / Hyper Knuckles / Super Shadow / E-101 Beta MKII gknux Sally Dshiznetz Dark Super Sonic MasterOfMugen1 Emerl / Ultra Emerl Flávio Camarão Dr. Robotnik aperson98 Dr. Robotnik *Slightly NSFW! Txpot Dr. Robotnik NeoKamek "Stupid Little Drill Tank" Phantom of the Server Sky Chase Mario11766 Scratch / Grounder Some Guy WH2 Sonic / Tails Hadoabuster Time Flux Sonic Unknown Author Super Sonic / Werehog Stages *Coming Eventually* Full Games Sonic Battle M.E. Freedom Fighters 1 / 1.1 Edit Freedom Fighters 2 / 1.1 Edit Freedom Fighters 2 Plus / 1.1 Edit
  6. Sorry for being absent from this forum so long! Scepter and I have done a few stages since my disappearance, which can be found in my stage mega-thread.

  7. Rumor has it Super Street Fighter V is coming, as a free update. Arcade mode, secret new boss, new critical arts, etc. Considering the story mode was a free update, I hope this is real.

  8. Hey Windows, could you maybe not keep rearranging my files into alphabetical order? I'm trying to organize my Mugen stuff and you keep fucking it up!

  9. ShiroTori

    Judgement Hall

    Scepter and I made another stage! This one's for a boss character Scepter is making sprites for. You might know who based on the location. As usual, download includes a 1.0 and 1.1 version.
  10. This fucked me up, still kind of does. The noises start at 12:12 in the video. The guy's nonchalantness about it is pretty amusing though.
  11. Mirage Saloon released; Studiopolis and The Core updated Scepter and I did another collab! DL here: Once again, there's a version for both 1.0 and 1.1. I also updated our Studiopolis and Core stages. Sadly, I wanted to add parallax to them in this update, but I was having trouble and I didn't want to delay this thread any longer. Hopefully I'll get it right some day. Studiopolis: The Core:
  12. ShiroTori

    [NS] Ultra Street Fighter 2: Final Challengers

    I'd be down to get this, but I hear it's $40 (US, so even more here in Canada). Even if it's a physical release, like people are saying, I can't really justify getting it for that price.
  13. ShiroTori

    Studiopolis and The Core

    On behalf of Scepter (he did all the art), thanks guys! I suggest checking out his DeviantArt, he's done a lot of great stuff. Why wait? Here's some more stages from him (I think OldGamer coded the last two):
  14. ShiroTori

    Studiopolis and The Core

    A little collaboration I did with the talented ScepterDPinoy from DeviantArt. He created the pixel art seen here and I converted them into stages. Also, here's some in-game screenshots: Studiopolis: The Core: Versions for both Mugen 1.0 and 1.1 included!
  15. Walked into EB Games after class today and they still had available pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch at like 3:40pm. I ended up snagging one and Breath of the Wild. March 3rd, here I come!

    1. DLF


      Looks promising. I cant afford N.Switch but I am sure it is better than PS4 Pro. I mean its just PS4 for 4K TVs. No joke. I really like the new games like Breath Of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

    2. ShiroTori


      Yeah, I guess it's cool if you have a 4K TV and want that crisp resolution, but I'm perfectly fine with my PS4 Slim. And yeah, Breath of the Wild looks gorgeous! I'm stoked for Mario Odyssey and MK8D too (Proper battle mode at last!).

    3. DLF


      At least we see Nintendo getting more fabulus. Bowser K. Zeppeli and Mario J. Speedwagon

  16. Man, severe anxiety attacks are the worst. I'm glad I know what they are when they happen now (felt like I was gonna die the first time), but they still leave me feeling like crap afterwards.

  17. I swear, the Christmas music at my work is just the same ten songs just with different arrangements. Would it kill them to play a different playlist? Literally no one I've talked to likes this one.

    1. DuckMannnn


      Can't you just ask them to change and put something like Filthy Frank's STFU

  18. Woah, the snow in the banner changes direction depending on where your cursor is! Kind of tripped me out when I realized.

  19. ShiroTori


    Crowsar released Luxray.
  20. Ryu can also combo into his EX tatsumaki, which you can do with Down, Forward, Kick.
  21. Cool to see a D. Dark for Mugen, but he has the same problem Sharon has of not being able to combo into special moves. Ryu and Nanase didn't have this problem so I wonder why this is happening now.
  22. ShiroTori

    [Arcade+Wii U] Pokken Tournament

    And here's the trailer!
  23. I love how X was immediately the first thing shown in the MvC:I trailer. Capcom knows what's up!

  24. ShiroTori

    Sharon from Street Fighter EX by armin_iuf (released Nov 19, 2016)

    I'm enjoying this guy's work so far. I was a bit skeptical when I saw the first video of Nanase, but they're all pretty fun! Ryu even has both Tatsumakis. But, there's one thing that bothers me with Sharon. Is she supposed to not be able to combo into her specials? I can't perform them after using any normal attacks.