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  1. I've noticed that a ton of old AI patches have gone missing (mostly pre-2012 skydrives). Is there anyone who is keeping these old AI patches around? As an example, I am looking for AI patches by these authors (mostly from a preservation/curiosity POV) - author and dead links listed: 'gappuster' - http://cid-719fe73ef349e0e4.office.l...documents.aspx 亞 - http://cid-796e05f25d86697d.office.live.com/documents.aspx Winnie - http://cid-fbb5fcf17e417702.skydrive.live.com/ Azmix - http://cid-4d2fd6e3f78d6aa3.office.live.com/documents.aspx 扇風機 - http://mugen.6.ql.bz/ Unkoman - http://office.live.com/documents.aspx?cid=9864eec144b09ffe Cafe - http://cid-412029f02b9d9c20.skydrive.live.com/ Ptan - http://cid-de64690d441c8275.skydrive.live.com/ EFB - http://cid-5a459f07e8934604.skydrive.live.com/ ライダー未満 - http://kane1202.blog20.fc2.com/ Kurosu - http://cid-82e78a175b30348b.skydrive.live.com/ Maro - http://cid-854f15c88ff028a9.skydrive.live.com/ SADA - http://cid-4dc70901e898d32b.skydrive.live.com/ BraveRanford - http://seed2movies.blog85.fc2.com/
  2. His Onedrive is still around (https://onedrive.live.com/?id=C0173D3A69BE074B!105&cid=C0173D3A69BE074B) but it is missing the QOH AI patches
  3. Released here http://mugenfreeforall.com/topic/13026-mega-tails/ but subsequently disappeared. Anyone got this char?
  4. Thanks! These were really hard to find.
  5. Yes it's not there anymore... Has anyone downloaded it?
  6. Hi all, looking for any of the following: kn.godzilla by K AI patches by ljh/ejanho for Queen of Hearts characters