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  1. While I'm working on Inkling Boy for MUGEN with TBM, Mazaku aka Score-Board, and CaillouStrawberry, I'm also working on two characters for MUGEN. On the left is my Super Mario 64 Machinima counterpart (or, in the style of Sonic Generations, Classic TuffTony/Tonario), an edited/modification version of Ermac Won's Mario, and on the right is Tsubaki Ai Shiki from Kakuge Yaro: Fighting Game Creator. Her sprites were ripped by Kamek and Kong and I'm using N64Mario's template for her. Also, she's not an edit of Kamek's Reiko Hikari, nor a spriteswap of any other MUGEN characters. See this screenshot here:




    Credit: Ermac Won for the open-source character, EMW/Pesky Mario, SuperMario2467 for the SSB4 Mario portrait, and Kamek and Kong for ripping the Kakuge Yaro sprites.

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  2. Welcome to the forum, CSAvion. ^-^
  3. Hello there, everyone. My name's Tony, and I make most stuff for MUGEN. I am happy to be here in this forum, so I'm looking forward to see what MUGEN content we got. :)