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  1. Hi, can i use the video for a video review of mugen in my YouTube channel? :D
  2. Hi! Can i use the demo video for a review in my youtube channel?
  3. Wow! That Tutorial is very intereseting but... i have Mac :( Im triyng using iDraw in mac but it not load the sheet with the most qulity, the sheet looks so blurred. :( Im looking how make it with photoshop using the palette but not works to :( Thank you :)
  4. Thank you :) Oh yeah, ill take your advice, but... You know about any program that makes it easier coloring sprites? I Spend all afternoon editing in photoshop only to 5 frames :(
  5. Hi Im start to create my own char inspired in another sprites. I spent a couple of hours editing in photoshop just to do something similar to what would pose stand... I present what will be my char called... Adriano What do you think? Not bad for my first sprites ? Do not be rude to me
  6. Excuse me, i have a problem with this char. The flames are so ugly, appears green, how can i fixed?
  7. Thank you :) Thank you ;) Yeah! sounds great, im interested to meet that Nightwalker. Is the char of your sign? It looks badass :P
  8. Interesting, ill training to make my first stage :) Thank you for this tutorial.
  9. Hi, its a wonderful work! Congrats :) Im looking for a edits of Kyo and you surprise me with it. I'll be waiting for your progress, cheers and success in your Math exam.
  10. Hi everybody Im Arauz and im from México, im here to share, update me in the MUGEN thread because i was out over 5 years from the University... That things. Im interested to make a Mugen project with edited and original chars with KOF style because i love it and i think the engine of Mugen provide a lot of options to make a wonderful projects. Cheers :)