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  1. Index is supposed to be AI Only, if there was a way to make Index playable then there would be a patch by now.
  2. Add Ako (WIP Trial Version). Just so you have Ako for when she's complete. (Also sounds for Tatsuya have been ripped. In case Ryon wants to know so he could maybe work on him more).
  3. Awesome news indeed, a bright future for DBFC MUGEN!
  4. I've known. She amazing!
  5. See? What I say... unfinished but still possible. Will he just leave it unfinished or is this a demo/beta/wip version?
  6. Don't say that, Tatsuya is possible. I wanted Kuroyukihime for awhile and next thing you know Kohaku made that dream into reality. Keep up the Ignition HYPE!
  7. Ako, from And you never thought there was a girl online?. This one... Even more Ignition! HYPE!!!
  8. WHERE IS HE!!! (she I mean)
  9. YUS!!!
  10. Wait what are you saying. He canceled Yuuki?
  11. EVERYONE! This is the time to be HYPED! (ALL...I think) Character sprites for Ignition have been ripped! Here: https://www.spriters-resource.com/playstation_3/dengekibunkofightingclimaxignition/ Yee!
  13. I'm SO happy!!!
  14. Got some news, found out that someone else (who is Chinese) is now also making Kurokoyukihime. It was said to be "half-finsihed". Link: http://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=43202
  15. Also assist characters too on this site: https://www.spriters-resource.com/playstation_3/dengekibunkofightingclimaxignition/ Including sounds as well for some. I'm hyped too man! (Especially "Emi Yusa")