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  1. Hello. I'm posting a full game here in the forum, but I can not record video and take pictures of the game, to be more presentable. How do people here in the forum record and take photos of mugen, mainly 1.1?
  2. Happy B-Day :)

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. Somebody, please, could get me the char M. Bison version Shacti?
  5. You have tried cartoon full games of mugen? In the roaster can have what you want. I'm going to look also here and then speak it found you.
  6. You know when was released this char?
  7. I think I can find it for you. So me a few days.
  8. Does anyone have this char that already with the sendspace link offline?
  9. I also think it is better to separate links, but I'll put a single link, for those who can fast download.
  10. I hope you enjoy the game! Worked hard to organize everything.
  11. I'll put a single link to all, who have fast internet, only it will take to upload more than 2 gb. If you do not want to wait for it, goes down separately.
  12. NEW UPDATE RELEASED! (DOWNLOAD LINKS AT END OF POST) This is the game that I was wishing when created and posted the old version "Street Fighter 2 Remix Mugen 1.1". Well, the version of this post is very best in various aspects, and that justified the name "Ultimate". I try mention all: - Now the game has all the saga SF2, since stages, musics and characters. The chars out the series SF2 been removed. - The story mode has improved. First because the battles against CPU are less difficult, at least the first half of the story mode. And second because there more randomness in chars CPU, making story mode less repeated every way time for play. - Various errors of the game was fixed, like music, stages, chars and movelist. - Added characters "New Challengers" of the SSF2 (Cammy, Fei Long, Dee Jay and T. Hawk). - Added others new chars. - Adde new song and stages. - And finally, and most important, new links and new hosting site, the mediafire. This is a reimagined game Street Fighter 2 franchise, which reunites the cast of 16 fighters from the series (World Warrior, Champion Edition, Turbo (Hyper Fighting) and Super Street Fighter 2) in several versions, from the classic to the most renowned in its gameplay. The scenarios where the fights happen comes from all Street Fighter 2 games, including the Super, and more exclusive versions of this game. The music accompanying the scenes are amazing, the best existing versions of classic songs from Street Fighter 2. The story mode is really interesting, with surprises at every moment and a challenging AI. I set the selection screen to not choose Sub Bosses and Bosses. About the select screen, there is a normal and visible. And another hidden, working as an extra, where are the chars that appear in different versions of Street Fighter 2 and also versions Mix that together elements of gameplay that were not in the original series or that mix elements of the series. The names of the characters that appear in the secret select screem have abbreviations to identify the type of char. I will quote all: - SF2: Moves of the World Warrior, Champion Edition and Hyper Fighting. - SSFT2: Moves of the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. - SSF2TC: Moves and adds the functionality of super bar Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, resetting the bar every round. - MIX: Moves that together elements of gameplay that were not in the original series or that mix elements of the series. - BOSS: Moves to the bosses same who were in the first Street Fighter 2 World Warrior. - RAINBOW: Moves of the Street Fighter 2 hacks. - SPECIAL CHARS: Chars very powerful used to go through certain difficult parts in story mode or for fun. The names of the stages that appear in the secret select screem have abbreviations to identify the type of char. I will quote all: - SF2WW: Stages of the Street Fighter 2 World Warrior. - SF2CE: Stages of the Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition. - SF2T: Stages of the Street Fighter 2 Turbo/Hyper Fighting. - SSF2: Stages of the Super Street Fighter 2. - SSF2T: Stages of the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. - SF2: Edited stages that do not exist in the original games. - SF2 Alt.: Edit stages alternativos, I mean, other stages. - Stages only with the name of the fighter, like "Ryu", "Ken", ...: Stages of the Street Fighter 2 World Warrior with zoom. - Special Stages: Stages outside of the SF2 series, always with great graphics and music. There is a folder called "Movelist" with txt files containing moves all chars. The name of these files have exactly the same name as the fighter who appears within the game, in the select screen. I leave the promotional video of the game, with the screen select somewhat outdated due to the updates I've done so far. But serves to know the game: Below are the download links: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7: Part 8: Part 9: Part 10: Part 11: Part 12: Part 13: Part 14: Part 15: NEW UPDATE! After I uploaded the game I noticed some major flaws that I had not fixed before. Therefore I leave a small update easy to use. Inside the "UPDATE 2" folder there are 4 folders: chars, stages, date, movelist. Everything is IN the "chars" folder has to be copied and pasted INSIDE the "chars" folder of the game, replacing ALL. And do the same procedure for the other three folders: stages, data, movelist. Below the link to download the update: