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  1. I'd recommend some old school anime: Beast King Golion* Cyborg 009 (1960's) Gegege No Kitaro (1980's) Mobile Suit Gundam SeiJuushi Bismarck* Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross *And please don't watch the English Dub!
  2. Is he anyone I know?
  3. Looks a bit like Rachel Summers to me. PS I wonder if there are other characters that can be edited from Athena.
  4. The option of making a character unplayable, a good feature for any character you believe would be for Boss use. Having select characters oppose you in the same stage you fought your previous opponent, something similar to Martial Champion, and CvS2. The function of videos played between matches.
  5. What's that one the lower left hand corner of the screen?
  6. Liza (Kaiser Knuckle) vs Chun Li And P.S., your fashion sense is tacky! Jean (Fighter's History) vs Duck (Fatal Fury) Don't get me wrong, I DO enjoy rap music. (Dictator) vs Underdog There's no need to fear, Underdog WAS here! Ha ha hah. Mai Shiranui vs Gen-an Shiranui You are not my real father! Joe (SF1) vs other fighters named "Joe" "I" am the original Joe here!
  7. Isn't Cow & Chicken "Hanna Barbera" too?
  8. Just checking :-)
  9. This isn't the same Cody's stage from SFA3, Right?
  10. What odd colors, where do you think they come from?
  11. Do you ever consider looking at the "Characters You Wish were on Mugen" thread? I mean, there must be lots of cartoon characters mentioned there.
  12. The picture link is dead :(
  13. It looks almost like he borrowed the outfit style from Skeletor.