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  1. Gekko - Kaiser Knuckle Hanzo - Samurai Shodown 1 Charlotte - Samurai Shodown 2 Salamander & Avu - Martial Champion Kinta Kokuin & Saizo - Power Instinct 2/Legends Tiny - Clayfighter 1 Wade - Violent Storm The Rude Brothers - Vendetta Riptide - Eternal Champions CftDS Krang - TMNT Tournament Fighters (Genesis) All characters other than Hothead - Tournament Fighters NES Green Arrow - Justice League Task Force Blood Falcon - F-Zero* Larke Tanner - Beverly Hills Teens* Simon Bar Sinister - Underdog Cool McCool - Cool McCool Milton - Milton the Monster Thundarr - Thundarr the Barbarian* Cornholio - Beavis & Butthead* Roxy & Jetta - Jem and the Holograms* Peter Potamus - Peter Potamus and His Magic Flying Balloon Roger Ramjet - Roger Ramjet Tiger Tornado - Tennessee Tuxedo and his Tales *Character can be recycled from sprites of pre-converted characters ;-)
  2. I guess Choi is absent here.
  3. I guess Choi is absent here.
  4. I guess Choi is absent here.
  5. I guess Choi is absent here.
  6. I checked The None's works, and want to know how to add names to their special intro's. Good examples would suffice.
  7. I'd recommend some old school anime: Beast King Golion* Cyborg 009 (1960's) Gegege No Kitaro (1980's) Mobile Suit Gundam SeiJuushi Bismarck* Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross *And please don't watch the English Dub!
  8. Is he anyone I know?
  9. Looks a bit like Rachel Summers to me. PS I wonder if there are other characters that can be edited from Athena.
  10. The option of making a character unplayable, a good feature for any character you believe would be for Boss use. Having select characters oppose you in the same stage you fought your previous opponent, something similar to Martial Champion, and CvS2. The function of videos played between matches.
  11. What's that one the lower left hand corner of the screen?
  12. Congratulations on your 19th Birthday :-)
  13. Liza (Kaiser Knuckle) vs Chun Li And P.S., your fashion sense is tacky! Jean (Fighter's History) vs Duck (Fatal Fury) Don't get me wrong, I DO enjoy rap music. (Dictator) vs Underdog There's no need to fear, Underdog WAS here! Ha ha hah. Mai Shiranui vs Gen-an Shiranui You are not my real father! Joe (SF1) vs other fighters named "Joe" "I" am the original Joe here!
  14. Isn't Cow & Chicken "Hanna Barbera" too?