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  1. Pure and Fur by Shinzankuro Ruby Heart by Beximus Mr Fantastic by Darkwolf Regina by Darkwolf Jill by divinewolf those characters are what makes me comeback to playing mugen again.
  2. characters that crash for some reason by doing certain moves, and the game doesn't tell you why? no error message, not a warning, not nothing!
  3. awesome, a character that doesn't crash, thank you james!
  4. good char james, thanks for keep bringing more MvsC style chars.
  5. to bad he is just the dcvsmarvel template with twoface sprites, we need a good two face, also like every incomplete char made with this template, in his only hyper, he throws dc coins at the oponnent.
  6. hi everyone, just saying i found this...is thanos by the none, edited by Mexican cactus, its practically a more serious version without the funny stuff, i think it could be added since he was in mvsc2. http://www.mediafire.com/download/qevay6y7ydpz56f/Thanos+edited.rar
  7. awesome char indeed, thank you gladiacloud and beximus.
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