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  1. Bump. I still need help with this please
  2. I must know pleaaase. I got my 360 pad n my ps3 pad connected n it's awesome, but I can only play with the bottom joystick. How do I enable d-pad availability?! Thank u
  3. So what do I do to make the chars work with the uno tag patch?
  4. O really?! I will check on this when I get home
  5. Hey guys, I badly want the uno tag patch on my Mvc mugen, but when I got it n added it first char to try was ryu n my mugen crashed so I jus said fuck it. But I reaaaalllly want this patch bad. What I'm guessing is that the ryu I had doesn't work with uno patch, so what do I do to make em work? Would somebody please help me with this? I'm trying to make my dream fighting game of coarse. Thank you
  6. Yes this part... is there any way i could extend the end time for it to let me swing bit more at them after they are KO'ed? thanks
  7. Sup people. I was wondering if u could extend a bit more time after it says K.O. for me to hit my opponents with one more super. (Kinda like how umvc3 is) because sometimes I ll finish em off and it says k.o. but theyll still be floating and aahhh god I just wanna hit em with one more super. Is this possible in any way? Thanks people
  8. Yes he did, interesting. lol
  9. i downloaded 2 chars by kamikaze. gambit n sabretooth, n they both cant throw punches or kicks but they can walk around. can this be fixed??
  10. Any of these complete Xs happen to be VS styled?
  11. How many characters can this hold? Does it have bigger select.defs? Thanks
  12. I wanna hear all your funniest, best winning quotes for your characters. I ll put one .. silver samurai - "you've been outsilvered" "the amount of silver you got on is pathetic, which is why you lost" "I heard there is a surfer who rivals all my silveriness" "who the hell are you?! who cares.... SILVER"
  13. What is the best megaman x here in general?? everytime ive downloaded one they been hella lacking in the moves and animation department. could someone please just tell me which ones are the complete character with moves/supers/good animation
  14. This looks fantastic. you have no idea how bad i wanna play it. but i just dont know how to patch my characters.... i downloaded uno tag team patch and it crashed my mugen. so i havent tried it again. I have a full mvc styled mugen 1.0 does this new updated uno tag patch work with almost all mugen characters now?? thanks
  15. whoa what game is that big bad boss from!!?? who cares im getting em!!! haha question, is his difficulty already on "hard" or do i have to change something?? i'd like him to be as hard as he was on the video. thanks