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  1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Jet Alone's link it's the same as 05's~
  2. nvm, sorry, :v wasn't following the full thing.
  3. the first one is called "archaic" Enigma the second one Both from the same author, if i'm correct "Nocronite" The last one. Hope this works
  4. Maria by T&H

    Is it better than Zayro's?
  5. I'm wondering about "lifebars"? that enables the palette change... i tried to look around for them but the only images i saw with that function were these, tho, i've seen a Nappa with that option...idk. Is there anything like that, or are the characters? :c
  6. Leona by Koopakoot

    You're the best, ty!
  7. Leona by Koopakoot

    Hey! I was looking all around the net, as far as i could, but couldn't find any working link for her. :c Tnx in advance!
  8. Awesome, i've just found it, thank you! :3
  9. Who's that 18? is it private? :c i need her.
  10. Rozen Maiden

    Great, Thank you! :D
  11. Rozen Maiden

    Hey! Thank you!! Kanaria's link is HinaIchigo's...tho :v
  12. Wow, thank you for all the info! :D I'll PM' you prolly later today, i hope, right now i'm moving my chars to your screenpack and keeping organized, since i cant add anything in "auto" lol. it's a pain, but worth, tho. But most likely the ones for "blazblue/melty blood" i wont be needing them. xD (DLC are & whatnot?) Already finished with KOF chars (147?) not counting edits, so far, and it's crazy when i try to go down to the next category, i already solve it. I was sooo lost for like 1 hr fixing the slots.
  13. Lol, i was going to ask about the categories 2, can i PM you the ones i need? :v Just a quick one, is there any way i can use Ctrl+F1/F2 for the opponent and not for me? and also, how can i keep the same aspect? when i add my stages in the select thing, it's like full screen but same aspect as the old one...[Kind of a noob here, sorry] Does it have any "perfect!" when you get no hits? :O And last one, is there any way i can add the chars like i was able in vselect or just manually?
  14. Hey! wondering...are there any edit or char for marionette &/or Shadow? D: