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How to make some characters a 1 round only?


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Hey! I was wondering, how to make characters, like bonus, bosses or the scroll-er stages (D&D), last only one round?

The characters I was able to try and seen this option are Dee or Pyro but since I know anything about coding or whatnot I'm not sure if i can just Copy paste the command on the characters def.

This is the part i could find that holds this.


"Trigger1 = roundstate>1"

which is inside this:

[State -3]
Type = DestroySelf
Trigger1 = roundstate>1


But it is in another different file called option and inside the main def it looks like this, so, I think, it actually directs the code to this file, it looks like this:

sprite     = core/dee.sff
sound     = core/dee.snd
anim     = core/dee.air
cmd     = dee.cmd
cns     = core/data-dee.txt
st     = dee.cns
st1     = system-dee.cns
st2     = core/vampire_system.cns
st3     = option.txt
st4     = sword.cns


SO! Is there a way to actually modify this characters def, or just copy paste this same file on each and direct it from the def so it can works like said chars? 😧

Thanks in advance!



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I dont quite understand what you mean.


Do you want the fight to last one battle?


If yes then edit fight.def in data folder and set match.wins  as 1

Do you want the character only win once and become unusable after a battle?
You then set a var to detect it won and use roundno checks and exclude that var from resetting in VarRangeSet from statedef 5900. Then kill yourself using lifeadd based on said conditions.
This 2nd step is unrealiable because if match.wins are set to be more than one you will always be losing even if you win, because you will be killing yourself in the next rounds.






To note:


1- Destroyself is a helper only SCTRL, you cannot destroy a player.

2- RoundStates are based on current round condition, not about how many rounds it has passed  and its values means:

0 - Pre Intro (screen fades)

1- Intro

2- During fight (when time started to move)

3- Pre-Over (detecting who won etc)

4- Over (if you won or lost) aka, win/lose poses


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Thank you for your reply.

I want to only fight once vs bonus, side scrollers and bosses.

I know i can set the number of rounds overall but not to an specific character. I know it's possible because those characters i mentioned have that "ability", if you defeat them it will go directly to an "game over" screen and then the vs screen shows again so, yeah.

My intention is to set a "copy paste" code to all of this type of characters to avoid re-doing this stages that are supposed to last only one round.


I hope i was able to explain myself better. XP

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