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  1. I dunno how random my battles are...

    Also that Undyne is by me and its still in a WIP State :P

  2. I dont know if this will be possible


  3. Sometimes 3D characters can have a ton of bugs

    Youkai's/Hanyou's Naruto might be a bit of the best example? and a few others that are in 3D (that even includes a bit of Ali's 3D mario)


    1. MugenGuy4164


      although that was a random battle so heres the problem of 3D Naruto



  4. i wasnt expectin my Shadow Mario to beat Both Gogeta and MVC Sonic


  5. I think i figured out a little about the Jump Frames for 3D ssbb Luigi

    The Jump seems to use Mario's Bones not Luigi's

    Can someone send me a .pac file for all of luigi animations? (I dont want this Deformed Jump like this)

    Its like this video where if you swap the bones with the mario bros (mario with luigi's bones and luigi with mario's bones)


    1. MugenGuy4164


      while checking more on the animations for luigi

      a few others are probably taken from a few other character

      Is this some joke? cause this is between fully complete due to some animations that dont fit

    2. Pluscross


      Luigi's always had that bone glitch. It can be easily seen when he throws a item down.


      May have to use a different Luigi model mod. Maybe the creator of this one stuck in some other animations for... Some reason.

    3. MugenGuy4164


      i think it could be the fitcharmotion.pac file


      I tried to use a different model but same problem

  6. We've seen smash HD Mario by ali so why now 3D SSBB Luigi?

    Although hes currently on hold because of the jump animation frame problem

    The Nose is messed up

    1. Pluscross


      Probably cause Luigi's a assist, so...


      But, Madoldcrow made a Patrick beta despite his SpongeBob using him as a striker, so I guess anything's possible.

    2. MugenGuy4164


      Either i may have to change the sprites for a different model so the nose is not messed up

      or i probably have to do a different character completely

  7. I never did a single 3D character

    like this :P

    its probably scrapped by now :P

  8. Chao abusers in a nutshell-ish

    I quite enjoyed that animation

  9. (I remember someone saying about using dream team/ Paper Jam sprites when i said something about smol bowser jr)

    Originally (no joke :P) I was gonna make a dream team mario using the winane a.i. thing (but scrapped :P)

    Also what is that Winane a.i.? I tried to do a fix with that thing

    1. MissingLuigi


      I don't know exactlly, but from what I read, Winane was the guy that made the code for AI and superarmour.

      Apperantly, he also made a template called Winane A.I which was basicly a Kung Fu Man Template.

    2. DLF


      Junior looks good! When will you release him?

    3. MugenGuy4164
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  10. Its not like tanicfan's paper jam luigi (the use of the EOH template)

    Also this somewhat originated from a MFFA Post i did long ago :P

  11. Im bored

    Im gonna do a Different Character than just UNDERTALE

    Theres barely a good parappa the rapper

    So heres this...

    BASE: Kung Fu Man
    Sprites: uses the Unknown Creator's Sprites of Parappa the Rapper
    Sounds: Same...
    Could Someone help me on that anytime for a collab?

  12. Puss in boots in MUGEN

    Welp Nope...

    How to NOT make a MUGEN character (Part unknown of unknown)

    Also did i forget to mention why did i spam these tornados?

    Cause sometime some characters (with no a.i.) can sometimes be annoying

  13. everytime i try to make a certain character...
    I kinda get this: at least give it your best shot!

    Btw that stage is based from Sally.EXE

    i did that stage creaton with that cream.exe on the left

  14. they somehow manage to beat (Yet) super mario's a.i. again


  15. Bender EDIT (WIP)

    Bender EDIT (WIP) So basiclly im trying to edit Warner's Bender to have a.i.,better gameplay (With some chaining combos though i need help with a damage dampener like how do i code that?),1,0 only character and some a.i. combos which this video may somewhat explain some problems that i keep getting... Please note i am not that much of a good A.i. Code maker you can also collab with this edit so you can help anytime
  16. I dont do creepypasta that much

    This Tails.Exe character is probably gonna be to similar to Sonic.EXE by dark chaos

  17. I had a good time playin this game from

    Fun Fact: This game appeared in one of vinesause's videos


    This game feels like a early version of Super Mario Maker

  18. The olden days of WINDOWS XP (some say the best OS)



    WAAALuigi Launcher!

    1. MugenGuy4164


      what about 2000?

      and a few other popular OSes of the past?

    2. RoySquadRocks


      This one is my absolute favorite:


    3. Noside


      2000 had some compatibility issues with some programs.

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  19. i barely used this Hyper Street Fighter Alpha Template by N64mario

    Btw thats just a ninja mario (i think it was based of a Mario TV show)

    Sprites were done by Meta boo (taken from with Credit)

    1. Pluscross


      That COULD be the Mario sprites used for Super Karate Mario.


      That fangame was pretty sweet, please tell me you're going to release that Mario.

    2. MugenGuy4164


      all i did was put one sprite for that HSFA Template

      So i may not work on it so much

  20. So i found this Dry Bowser (Yes that MUGEN archive problem) (Plus its probably the first one)

    Its bad...

  21. This latroy6 character style thing always gets me when i do a random MUGEN Battle


  22. While looking back at Super Mario Odyssey

    It constaintly reminds me of Sonic adventure DX/Sonic Adventure and even Super Mario Sunshine and Galaxy


  23. Some GIFs i made in fighter factory (made from bordem...)

    More may come...


    1. MugenGuy4164


      Am i that really good at spriteing (like smoothing out the edges when resizing a certain sprite part?)

  24. Some new character i did again...

    (I barely have any time to make a full game remake of something and yes that Mario vs Sonic Fullgame by tanicfan...)


    1. MugenGuy4164


      I cant just lend it to you...

    2. SonicUltra66


      Download Mario vs Sonic Mugen

    3. MugenGuy4164


      no i just started it

      I cant just rush it (Dont be so curious im tired of people askin for a download)

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  25. People say this whenever they see Sumin's sans (when i edited his life over 1)

    They say "but sans should die in one hit": First one hit hes dead unlike in UNDERTALE he just takes it when hes fully tired in the genocide route

    In MUGEN he just dies easily making the match too fast and not really fair

    1. MugenGuy4164


      additonal things i forgot to mention or correct: In MUGEN if Sumin sans crouches he can die that easily in one hit if his HP is 1 (which he cant avoid moves when he is not in the air or standing)

      In UNDERTALE each FIGHT turn he keeps attacking and repeats till he gets tired and after his first special attack till the Second one (where he says its nothing)