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Persona 4 Arena Sprites


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  • 2 years later...


just want to let everyone know
if there's some one interested in making char inside the pack ,but don't know how to make the sprite compatible for mugen
i'll be willing to help[just say which one]


if you just want the act files to apply to the sprite,that would be much better
if so,i will only do the pal


ps; all i offer is a batch process,nothing more.


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That's mighty nice of you.

Unfortunately all of these sprites were released in 2012, which is nearly 3 years ago.

I imagine as of currently almost all of the characters from the game are made?

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i should have know[nice goku btw]

i also agree with ryon,about a char doesn't have to be well made,i'm sure an author wanted their work to be well made[or maybe not]
being well made is a bonus,if it plays well,that's enough,but that's just my opinion

for those who's interested incase you want me to put the sprites as an sff file,that i can do
but it will be not properly alligned,and it will have the sprite ripp group number



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no  it's not,aligning the sprite would takes alot of time.
and those who makes char using the sprite contain inside the pack surely is dedicated


i don't think i will released any,making char is too much work for me, let's just say i'm lazy
i'm just trying to help,maybe some one having trouble in this kind of thing,what i offer doesn't need a lot of work and time
with my help the char will have all the 16 pal if i'm not wrong[i'm not doing the blank pal]
and 1 pal will be for the char,the persona and the effect[if there's enough slot]

well ryon,if you look at the sff file of an already released p4 mugen char that using this sprite ripp[i'm not gonna say which one] you might understand why i'm doing this

if there's an author want me to make a pal patch for their char feel free to let me know,but you have to re-insert all the sprite your self because all i'm going to give is just the pals
if all the things i've said give you clues on what to do you might not gonna need my help anymore.



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