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[N64] Super Mario 64


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Yeah, I have played it. I think it really begged for a better soundtrack. Most of the music just sounded like elevator music, and most of it I don't reccognized (Except for the Bomberman World melody in Bobomb Bay and the Rayman melody in Mad Musical Mess.) The game is also INCREDIBLY hard, and kind of meant to be played using save-states.


By the way, where is the melody in Piranha Plant Pond from? That melody I actually kind of liked. It has a dark, Renaissance Fair sounding melody.

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I knew it was from a game I played, as it sounded awfully familiar.


I think most of the music is way too quiet. The original Mario 64 had more bouncy and vibrant melodies, that Star Road's mellow, easy-going soundtrack was kind of a disappointment.


Also, I kind of wish there was a FAQ for Star Road.

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