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I've decided to release him as is for now.

Somethings came up and I dont want to lose my progress with him.

So i'll release him as is.

X Y Z gameplay.

plays just like Ace and Zoro.

He has all 3 of his ingame supers.

HIS TEAM SUPERS DO NOT WORK. Its there just for... music.

feedback would be nice, so i can fix up whatever before next release.

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Hopefully when you are not busy you will continue to update him. He has a lot of promise, and is decent nonetheless. Thanks for the release.

yeah i know i just have alot of ideas floating around in my head.

:=D: Arrogant much? Just teasing. For a guy who doesn't like chibi characters, you make some of the best I've ever seen! Kenshin and Vex make the rest.

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