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Isabeau by 100%Ex-Inferis


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Author's Site - http://mugenexus.mgbr.net/

Mediafire - http://www.mediafire...e73k84x38ep7kqk


This is Isabeau, most people know the SSJ9 cheap version, but this one's a lot better than people would normally think.

When I first got her, I was skeptical at first, but when I tried her out, my negative thoughts of her turned positive. She makes an amazing boss with specials unique from the other Kula like characters I've seen. I highly recommend her as a boss. There is still some things left for me to find out about her, but she's not as cheap as the many copies I've seen.

(I forgot where the author's site is [if he/she has one], but I've had her for a good while. If I manage to find said site, I'll link it)

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