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[Arcade] Big Fight - Big Trouble in the Alantic Ocean

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Big Fight (ビッグファイト), fully titled as Big Fight: Big Trouble in the Atlantic Ocean, is a 1992 fighting arcade game/ belt scrolling beat-em up-hybrid arcade game developed and published by Tatsumi, and is one of their last arcade games before focusing on novelty sticker printing business. Due to the Beat'em ups and fighting games genres being popularized by the successes of Capcom's arcade-hits Final fight and Street fighter 2, Tatsumi added two different modes to Big Fight: a beat 'em up mode and a versus fighting game mode.


In 199X, on an Atlantic coast, a battleship known as the "Skeleton Crew" led by a reckless scientist Dr. D secretly starts cruising over the Atlantic Ocean in order to sneak out his bionic weapon, TX No. 3. Upon the arrival of the three heroes, Kevin, Zill and Gear, all three on a helicopter, Dr. D tells his troops to go and repel them off the Skeleton Crew battleship before the heroes attempt to destroy TX-No.3 and arrest Dr. D.


There are 10 characters in total, 2 of which are unplayable.

1.Kevin (ケビン) - The lead character of the group. From England, he has balanced statistics and fast-paced attacks. His trademark moves include "Mach Punch" and "Jumping Throw".

2.Zill (ジル) - She is agile, but fragile, and performs good kicking and jumping techniques. Her moves include "Flying Knee Attack" and "Rolling Kick".

3.Gear (ギア) - A United States Navy captain who became Kevin's assistant. He is sluggish, but performs destructive moves, including his trademark "Dragon Screw".

4.Garuda (ガルーダ) - Half of him is Native American, but the other is unknown. One of his trademark moves is "Feather Wave", which allows him to shoot a wave of feathers at high speed.

5.Mevella (メベーラ) - An agile dominatrix who uses a whip to attack at long range. Her moves include "Neck Crash" and "Mad Stamping"

6.Pharaoh (ファラオ) - An ancient Egyptian ruler who is mysterious and was unexpectedly resurrected from his grave hauled on Dr. D's. He has powerful throwing and sliding techniques. His moves include "Zutan Bird" and "Sliding Kick".

7.Gonza (ゴンザ) - A kabuki who attacks with sumo techniques and can throw one of his getas like a boomerang.

8.Chen (チェン) - A pirate with powerful slashing techniques.

9.TX-No.3 - Dr. D's bionic weapon. It attacks with extensive arms and long-range laser blasters. Its name is possibly a reference to Tatsumi's other arcade game, TX-1 and its sequel, TX-1 V8.

10.Dr. D - The main antagonist of the game.

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