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[Arcade]Tōkidenshō Angel Eyes/Fighting Princess Legend - Angel Eyes

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Tōkidenshō Angel Eyes (闘姫伝承 ANGEL EYES Tōkidenshō Enjeru Aisu?, "Fighting Princess Legend - Angel Eyes") is a fighting game developed and published by Tecmo for the arcade game market in 1996.


The game's storyline takes place in Japan. The substance of an angel from heaven was sent to Earth to incarnate in a human. However, there are eight girls holding the potential to become the host of the angel's substance. Therefore, who is worthy of inheriting the substance is to be she who proves herself the strongest in battle.


There is the total of 9 characters.

1.Raiya Mikazuchi (御鎚 雷弥 Mikazuchi Raiya): A hot-blooded, brawl-loving teenage schoolgirl. As the pun on her name implies, she moves with the speed of a lightning. Famous for her record of 49 wins and 1 loss. She is a 17 years old, student at Tehkan.

Reika (麗華 Reika): A passionate girl, daughter of a Chinese woman and a Japanese man, a part-time waitress at a Chinese restaurant. Raiya's rival and also has Pryokinesis. Her real name is Lei Fang (麗華 Pinyin: Lí Huá). She is 17 years old.

Chibiko (ちび子 Chibiko): A shy, mild-mannered girl, wearing the typical, now out of use, physical education uniform of a Japanese schoolgirl. Her real name is Tomomi Yaoi (矢追 知美 Yaoi Tomomi). Also a student at Tehkan. She lost her mother at a young age, so she helps her sister with a part-time job. She loves cake and her kind father. She is 12 years old.

Kiriko (キリコ Kiriko): A maid that became a kunoichi (female ninja), lover and protector of animals. She uses speed and a pair of kunai as weapons. Her real name is Kiriko Kasumi (霞 霧湖 Kasumi Kiriko). She is 18 years old.

Mysterious Power (ミステリアスパワー Misuteriasu Pawā): Dealer of the "Royal Flush" casino. Serious but kind. Her real name is Fujiko Tani (谷 フジ子 Tani Fujiko). Her likeness was inspired by Fujiko Mine, a character featured in Monkey Punch's iconic manga Lupin the Third. Mesmerizes opponents with her "glamorous body". She is 26 years old.

Highway Star (ハイウェイスター Haiuei Sutā): A school teacher and a biker. Daughter of an American man and a Japanese woman. Popular among her pupils. Her real name is Michiko Hoshi (星 道子 Hoshi Michiko). She is 27 years old.

Lina (リナ Rina): A female cyborg sniper. She was turned into a cyborg to avoid death from serious injury. Reemerged as a cyborg assassin and crime-fighter. Her body is covered entirely by a special fiber called "Linaspacial". Her real name and age is unrevealed. A 3d character.

Marie & King (マリー&キング Marī & Kingu): A wealthy, selfish little girl whose companion is a large teddy bear, named King. Student at Tehkan. Her strength lies on throws. Her real name is Marie Arisugawa (有栖川 マリ Arisugawa Marī) and King's is King Gorgonia the Third (キングゴルゴニア三世 Kingu Gorugonia Sansei). Marie is 12 years old.

Angel (大天使): The final boss and the only unplayable character in this game.

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