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Bleach Ultimate Mugen

Arklegend Zinesis

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This is a Bleach themed MUGEN FULLGAME

I did not create any of the characters and stages present in the game credits all goes to their creators. I however made the two motifs included in here and have also fixed a few chars. All Images and bgm's used here where found using the google search so credits goes to their respective creators.

Game Resolution 640x480

Bleach 2010 Originally made by Ristar87 – Updated by Zinesis

Included here:

Extra folder – containing hard to find rare or offline bleach chars

1.0 version of the KOF XII Lifebars by Kohaku

2 motifs – Fade to Black Version (Contains my preferred char set)

Soul Blue Version (Set as default and also contains more chars)


Ristar87 – for the 2010 Bleach compilation game and sp


CYBASTER - for the ASCP - Automatic Stage Creation Program



www.mugenfreeforall.com - username/Arklegend Zinesis

www.mugenguild.com - username/Izin

And a BIG THANKS to all of the bleach character and stages authors

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do you have an alternate download for your mugen release. i find 4shared's policies to be a bit sketchy and i really don't trust any website that tries to sneakily substitute the file with it's own exe downloader. this really smells fishy and i was hoping you might have a direct download from a clean source. i trust your reputation but your mirror seems to engage in some realy suspicious and apparently malicious behavior. i would seriously suggest changing providers for the safety of your fans. if you do not have a mirror i do have a direct ftp drop box URL i can provide you. sorrey if this sounds a bit paranoid but i do enough virus removal to know never to trust a download website that asks for personal information and uses proprietary down-loaders.

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