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[Touhou Edits] Uroboros

The Magic Toaster

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Uroboros: http://www.4shared.com/rar/eWjRhkZF/uroboros.html


By Mr.Lates

Character Summary

Character in the shape of Patchouli.

Yuan (modified prototype of the description itself) is Scarlett's Remilia Nachel.

Effect has been keynote and reversal effects, such as blue-violet to near black.

I have suspended solids, such as collision detection is the soul behind.

I die and will be expanded under certain conditions specific barrier is eliminated. (Instant death is possible).

When it is updated remake of 10/08/07

Is no longer the heinous character of enhancement in color all been abolished.

Performance of the old commentary

Collision detection is suspended solids are behind

Disable attack always take the throw and state

Gauge (not used) 0

1 ~ 3P color

Normal performance. Difficult to support in the AI for special specifications.

Exit statement and to about 5 times in a row Nokezora bends backward and hit the attack on suspended solids.

Decreased stamina running attack.

Win a decision if they can guard much anyway when his opponent in the regular characters.

4 ~ 6P color

Movement of the body changes. Killing extra AI.

7 ~ 12P color

Atrocious performance.

Armor at all times

Heal at all times

The less stamina recovery rate rise

Specific fire-resistant barrier is raised less than half if strength were defeated in the next round.

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