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Scorpion Venom Modified By Me


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hi guys ;) A'm JARRO77 , i want post my Scorpion Venom, is Scorpion Venom by Scruffydragon but i change more think: i Add 1 New Hyper Moves, 1 new Sound, 1 new INTRO, 5 new palette, 1 new photo profile, i change the code for the hyper move AI, now its better, i add some combos in the comands, i change the size now is like Scorpion in Spider Man, this is my favorite char, Scruffydragon make a realy good job with this char bùt i think ,with this changes its more better ;) i hope you like guys and have fun :) this is 1 video for look Scorpion Venom you can look the new intro, and the new hyper, the new hyper is the last hyper of the video :) sorry for the quality of the video, bùt my phone its .............

and this is the link for downloading the char a'm italian so, sorry if i wrong any word in inglish http://www.mediafire.com/?hd9sru94cvk8g1g
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