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Street Fighter Alpha 4 - Ken's Stage (for 1.0)


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OPEN " Masters Dock.def "

scroll down till you see this.


zoffset = 205 ; measure from top of the screen

autoturn = 1

resetBG = 1

localcoord = 360,240

xscale = 1

yscale = 1

change localcoord from 360,280, to 320,240.

This stage was made for the Street Fighter Alpha 4 full game, being made by BC, its been on hold for a couple years.

And I still need his permission before I can release my other stages from this game. I've made about 5 or so.


Super Jump - Yes

Size - Medium

Animated - Yes

BGM - Yes

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i'll grab this, since i've already kut tha bgm for it, lol. i still dig playin' tha demo, i just added tha SFA 4 mods of Ken & Adon [damn, Adon's AI :confuse: ] to tha roster for tha time being. had to shrink'em a bit to match Guy & Ryu's final SFA 4 size, lol. nice job on tha stage btw, she looks wonderful.

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been on hold for a couple of years = dead in the water , i mean cmon Ry if its really been a couple of years i dont think the mugen god is going to tell u do it & ill fucking spank you if u release them

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yeah, it's still goin' thru its paces ZB, but tha 'ject is still active & gettin' pieced together, bit by excruciatin' bit. i don't mind it too much myself tho, cuz i'd rather somethin' take all day to come out & be done right, than it to be rush'd & end up suckin' like a fresh litter of kittens on their mama.

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what is? if you think you can make a stage for the game, go right head, but just know the stage has to be originally mixed using elements from all 3 SFA games. so you cant just make a accurate version of a stage from 1 of the games, you gotta mix and match things. for instance this is Street Fighter 2 ken's stage, with super jump, fancy looking water, animated characters that werent there before. (near accurate) parallax floor. and it alone adds a field of depth. also stage needs to be localcoord 360x240

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That training stage is a good idea, but the floor looks bad. You probably could have used the prespective tool in photoshop + xscale to get better looking edges on those lines. Right now it looks as if the squares are scrunched together. Normally you'd see more of the bottom square and less of the top square. You can take a look at your Ken stage floor to see what I mean. Some of the barrels on the desert stage look out of place and clashy. IMO, the characters on the city stage could use shadows.

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i spoke to him on msn about it. in short. the training stage is like that for a reason simple about style preferences, he likes smoothness, i like jaggies. the stage was made for BC and BC enjoys it. Rolento's Stage is incomplete, so it is sort of a mess. People... Shadows?...lolwut!

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