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OMK Kanon Beta Release - 95% (Fixes)


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WIP ~ Progress - 55%

What he can do.

All his normals (close/far range).

-> c (special)

Down C (special)

F,D,F (a,b,c) special

x - Meta Activation (no meta super as of yet only activation).

All HIS Specials in the video

1 - D,B, (a,b,c)

2 - D,F, (a,b,c)

3 - F,D,F, (a,b,c)

3 OF HIS Supers -

D,F, a+b (In Air)

D,F,D,F,a+b (In Ground)

D,B,a+b(In Ground)

As promised, I would release a beta when I finish at least 3 of his supers (normal).

Whats left?

1 meta super

1 normal super

Guard Killing anims

Some other recoveries/parry (still finding out which)


I will work on him as much as possible later on, to make him better, and provide feedback if you can =P

Probably finish his meta/normal supers first, then add the other necessities.

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I see...will fix that and I don't know why it is occuring, probably a problem with change states. Hmm... I guess I didn't set the limitations, will do. FIXED - I actually fixed that error and now limited 236AB to an OTG. Redownload for update ^^

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Relevant Update:


He's practically done, just some little things need to be added but most of his movesets are there.

85% done to say at least, but at least its some progress.

Whats added?

1 Meta Super

1 Level 2 Super

His ability silent attack and edited it a bit to be more of an ability

Some time fixes on his attacks

Fixed ports.

Enjoy and I'll do his full release sometime next week, when I get to handle all his sword fx =x lol.



EDIT - Is there anyway to edit the TOPIC TITLE? O_O

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You should be able to, unless I didn't state the proper triggers right? For now its z, but I'm going to reassign it after since he's not really done yet. The command would be 632124AB or something like that after. I'll edit the trigggers soon then so wait =3

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Ya, I kinda figured that out myself and edited the commands, and I put in the right triggers too. Ok FIXED, redownload him now =) BTW - I'm planning to implement the dizzy system since its a major part of the game for comboing. How much hits or actions does it have to make them Dizzy? I played the game but I didn't know what mechanics causes it o-o

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Redownload him for a little update, I now added his wolf jump ability, also I have implemented the dizzy system that are now compatible with Boomer's characters and Kanon himself =P Though you prob have to add the variables to Boomer's characters if you want it to be compatible with Kanon but Kanon is fine with them =o. Enjoy.

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