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MFFA Rules Amendment (02/21/23), Re: Conspiracy to Commit Ban Evasion


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Hello MFFA,


After recent events, we've had some accounts that were permanently banned from the forums attempting to contact other users of the forum to speak on their behalf. Many of these accounts had also attempted to contact staff on the behalf of the banned accounts. In light of this recent uptick, and after deliberation among the admins, we have decided to amend MFFA's rules with the addition of the following rule:


__________________________◢◤  4.5 ~ Conspiracy to Commit Ban Evasion  

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    If your account is banned from MFFA, please make note that attempting to convince another user to speak on your behalf counts as ban evasion. If we find that another user is speaking on your behalf in an attempt to evade your ban, or if you are the one speaking on behalf of a person that is banned from MFFA, you will both be given 3 warning points that last for 2 years. This effectively extends the ban duration of the banned account, while also banning the account that was speaking on the banned person's behalf.


     Violation = 3 warning points for each person involved, expires in 2 years


To put it simply, if it is discovered that you are attempting to speak on behalf of a banned account, your account will receive a ban, and the account on which you are speaking on behalf of will have their ban duration extended, as if they had attempted to ban evade by creating a new account themselves. We hope you understand why we had to implement such measures. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a member of staff.

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