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A stage that I'm trying to find for over a decade now...



Ok where do I begin with this post in-question? I guess I'll just talk about a stage that has been lost to time now & I'll explain everything about this stage in-particular on how I remembered it, so here's my best explanation of this lost stage: 


Basically, it all started with a video that is a decade old now (as I'm writing this) & it's a video I personally remember back then. The video itself was titled "M.U.G.E.N - Mario Bros VS Evil Homer & Vampire Burns" & it was uploaded on July 11th, 2012 by a user named "Aernyx". The video itself is nothing special, it's just ShinRyoga/Neo Ankh's Mario & Luigi up against Warner's Evil Homer & Vampire Burns. However, the reason that this video was important for me is because of something happens after the beginning 4 seconds & it was a stage that I've never seen before in my entire life.


The stage itself was called "Koopa Cruiser Battle" & it took place on the deck of the Koopa Cruiser (which is Bowser's "Personal" Airship) from a game called "Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga" (as in the 2003 original version & not the 2017 remastered version). The stage was also animated because I saw clouds (along with stars) moving in the background & the music used was titled "Normal Battle" (which came from the same game that I mentioned earlier). A decade has passed by since then & I tried searching for the stage, but I eventually became empty-handed after searching for an hour & a half (which means I can't find any links for it). Also it doesn't help that the creator of the video (that I mentioned) hasn't uploaded since April 23rd, 2015 with the last video being some Mario Kart 8 gameplay & hell, I can't find info on who even made the stage in the 1st place.


If anyone has any more info of the user who made this stage or if anyone finds a link to stage, then let me know & take your time on finding it. If no one finds it, then I'm perfectly fine with it being lost because I just want to share information about this stage in-particular & to see if anyone has it or not.


Also this is the video that I'm talking about & it's the only appearance of this stage that I could find online:

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