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Banned on the MFFA discord?

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Just recently joined in the mffa discord, was going to add my profile link to get the member role, and when I come back, the server is gone. Is there anything I did wrong? I didn't even have enough time to post a message.


Discord Username : Berb#8327

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15 minutes ago, Laharl said:

looks like our bot kicked you for failing verification for 2 minutes didn't ban you just kicked so go ahead and rejoin the discord and do the verification.

thanks, I'll try to be more faster lol

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that is tied into the whole spam accounts it made it harder for them to get in. We only recently implemented this bot so maybe we can make that public again will discuss it with other admins for that one.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I got banned... but from Discord, my account was hacked by bots and they disabled my account. Be careful of NFTs and Bitcoins messages, I asked for help in Support Service to get back my account, so don't accept anything about NFTs or Bitcoins if it comes from my account


EDIT: I got a new account, so I'm again in 😉 

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