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My Explod does not work when I put it in a specific Statedef



Hi, I'm pretty familiar with Mugen but I'm new when it comes to coding characters. I do not know a lot of things such as how does VarSet/VarAdd works and I have a hard time trying to learn from existing characters codes.


So, you know when a character does an attack and the opponent is thrown away with huge knockback and bounce on the wall? Normally, there's a Shockwave Explod that follows the opponent. I tried copying the code of it from an existing character and the knockback works just fine aswell as the wall bounce, but not the Explod(the explod animation is already set and I also set the animation number for the explod). The thing is, it works just fine when I put it anywhere but in that specific statedef. I would like to know what am I doing wrong and a way to fix it if possible.



If it's not too much of a bother, please, be as much specific as possible.



Thanks in advance!

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