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[email protected] (Beta) Released!


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https://<BLACKLISTED URL>/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=161495-donald-ver1-1-kpbr3-kishio

Hi, I'm one of them Japanese People. and, I'm one of them the Mugen Character Creater, too.
This Donald is my The best create. maybe...

First, This Character as stronger as Normal Level Character

[email protected] can Transform supersaiyan, supersaiyanGOD, supersaiyanBlue In the roundno >= 2

If power >= 1000 <= 1999 Transform SSJ
If power >= 2000 <= 2999 Transform SSJG
If power >= 3000         Transform SSJB

[email protected] can be Donald Instinct Mode if life <= 70 && power = 3000 press "s".

only UltraInstinct Mode have one SUper Attack.
Press"s" to SUper ATK Start.

DonaldInstinct second Transform Be DonaldInstinct Mastered Mode.

Ultimate Counter's Genki Dama have situation and succses situation .

This Character have many Luck factor.



([email protected] Version up
Change Pallet Better
and I made a new technique.
and Fixed super kaio-ken and, Super Tyakuti remake Better than ver1)


Now,I don't update because I'm not motivate.



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