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Images by Katsup


Click on the links to download

Red author names means its offline



ccgIrKc.gif PREVIEW & DOWNLOAD ccgIrKc.gif






5W5alwH.png FGj3q0c.png LkhwSJj.png vv6strT.png 3GzoiRl.png SwPLJT1.png jo4RLvq.png GEGskCw.png 66WuC70.png eDjCmFf.png wotg1B5.png



Yami Yugi: Chuchoryu / Chuchoryu&JapterDark / Ju / Mythos / KariGTFoxN6Y / Brergrsart (Abridged) / A-Series (Joke Version) Brergrsart // Kaiba: Ju / Ju&JapterDarkEdtion  // Joey Wheeler: Popoponta // Tea Gardner: Sankiti // Yusei Fudo: Hatya // Shun Kurosaki: Hamhamhamcchi


Yami Marik Ishtar: Randy Big Head







4ZlwKyf.png hQiAJRU.png jUHMy2p.png TTKB1Qa.png fCi7KqA.png Jl2dcdS.png JgIoDA4.png qbmLgHi.png Ay7IMWT.png jwirhyv.png dWqZK1z.png PJDFPBt.png


NTWOGaa.png gqufinH.png Ae1l7BZ.png KvF7Anr.png 8w4oYHt.png 2jdmHdT.png pKjPJeE.png D6Ahl7P.png yrKReIg.png qL1pjJ8.png YgGzSRG.png


kCYSHfd.png nVri6uO.png PomBgMr.png


BEWD: Chuchoryu // BEUD: Chuchoryu // Dark Magician : Chuchoryu // Dark Magician Girl: Chuchoryu / DJXtool / DJXtool&LJH / DJXtool&Duracelleur / Sankiti / Tsubaki


Shapesnatch: NESMario123 / NESMario123&HelloMyNameIsAAA / Chuchoryu // REBD: Chuchoryu // Harpie Lady: Chuchoryu // Kuriboh: Chuchoryu // Relinquished: Chuchoryu // Stardust Dragon: KamenMajyu / Chuchoryu


Traptrix: DarkRuler // ChaosEmperorDragon: DarkRuler // Five Headed Dragon: DarkRuler // Trishula: KamenMajyu // Exodia: Unknown Author // Star Seraph Sage: Thousand // Satellite Cannon: 砂上の要塞


Card Trooper: Keri // The Wicked Avatar: Sajo no yosai // Gift Card: Runa // YGO_DM_GB: NKYMD // Yubel: Tokuiten // Aporia: Thousand



Koitu by Adam




English Voice for Sankiti Anzu/Tea



If you have any of the characters missing or know of any I missed please link me and I will update thank you.

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what does A-series mean. It still has bregr as the author so Idk what to make of this. added the soundpack however.


Added the A series Yugi

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