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Asuka 120% Series


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Collection updated.


 - Reuploaded/added working links to the following characters:

    - All characters by Tanic2KXX

    - Shinobu by Mgbenz

    - Kumi by Sprites Dorgil

    - Shinobu by Kinto2006

 - Reuploaded the following stages:

     - Shinobu's stage by TESTP

     - Shinobu's stage by Altrouge

     - All stages by mh777

- Added a link to older versions of Azu's characters. Depending on each version, the older AI patches listed will work much better, compared to using them with the most recent versions.

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Some corrections:

The first row of characters are from Asuka 120% Burning Fest. (FM Towns and Sharp X68000)

The second row of characters are from Maxima Burning Fest. (PC Engine CD), Special and Excellent Burning Fest. (Both for Playstation)

The third row of characters are from Limited/Limit Over (Sega Saturn), Final (Playstation) and Return (PC).


Shinobu Kawasaki's stage by Shinzaki


Tamaki stage by NEON 7


Evening Version


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