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Mugen Authors with Most Characters/Stages


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20 hours ago, SSBKing65✯ said:

The authors are anonymous, but the Nijikaku fullgame has over 150 characters (around 200 now) and 50+ stages.


Interesing Full Game 😮

Maybe i'll check it out.


17 hours ago, GreenShieldy said:

"Maria Carina Andronic" has created almost all of the cast of the BFDI series, alongside a few sprite/palette edits of some characters, more commonly Camren Springer's.

Nothing to expect that Maria Carina Andronic created a lot of BFDI characters and some sprite/pallete edits as well 😛


5 hours ago, jo19sh92 said:

I would have to say, the author that goes by ^o^ has the most characters, since I think they've done entire games creations, especially most of the arcade games.

Didn't know that Author name since i lurked it in Crystal Generation Archive, thank you maybe i'll found it 😉 


3 hours ago, N_N said:

Electrocaid has made literally thousands of stages http://dsarena.free.fr/Sites/ElectroArenaz/

Time to get those stages!

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