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EVE Mugen All-Stars 2020


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 💬˚ ༘♡ Hi, I am back after being literally absent on this forum since, 2019. My last post was EVE Mugen 1.0 which if you haven't checked that out please check it out here: https://mugenfreeforall.com/topic/36749-eve-11-full-mugen-2019/


😊> I would like to now proceed onto this mugen. This Mugen is, ofc a really huge mugen that I wanted everyone to mess around with. this idea came to mind because, I wanted everyone to finally be able to get a huge mugen in their possession without any hassle and without having to encounter mugens that are just as huge as this, but they never provided the download link for people to enjoy. It's by far the biggest mugens I've ever worked on, after all my years of filling up / playing mugens. It was fun, and overall, was really worth the add up...


👍SOOOOOO, that being said, I now present to you all EVE Mugen All-Stars 2020 (NOW DOWNLOADABLE) 🤩
+ Chars: 3,092 (This actually, has 4,000 slots but, I was debating on filling it up) 
+ Stages: 119
+ Bonus: Comes w/ the 3v3/4v4 Mod (it was going to come with the Uno Tag Team Patcher Mod but IDK) 
+ DL Link(s):  Download the game here & then, the chars here , if you're curious where I got the screenpack it was here [btw it's 26.88gb so highly suggest you use a download manager if you can.]
+ Preview: More information is in this video of mine here.

UPDATE AS OF 06/23/2021: Just recently uploaded the full and completed version of this mugen! it's over 4000+ chars, if you're interested in the complete version head on to the post here

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On 3/4/2021 at 9:34 AM, pinetreepizza said:

hey could you make the character download not a mega link it would take actual days to download because mega makes it so every 4 gigs you download you have to wait 5 hours, if you could upload it to drive or anywhere else i would be very greatful

As I stated in the description of the video and pinned comment. I cannot upload this anywhere else, I really didn't want to use mega.nz but, Mediafire was not uploading it completely, and other sites wouldn't accept that big of a file. on top of that, I especially can't put it to google drive because I'm currently not in a position to afford an upgrade of storage. 

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