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Pro Wrestling NES Ring

Lord Batros

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done for the fun of it, i loved this game as kid, sadly i couldnt make it work, were u fight IN ring, so i had to make it outside Enjoy another 8 Bit Release from me.... more to come

Animated: No

SuperJump: Yes

BGM: Yes ( source accurate)

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Nice! I saw thes sprites a while back. The perspective is weird, but that's source. I'm glad to see you back in the game. I think I know what you could do to fight in the arena. Maybe I'll test it, later and see what happens. Ya know, if you hadn't left our conversation you could have asked me then...bro. :troll: But I still love Yah, you old geezer! Lol!

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lol, guys i released this last april, its not that i couldnt make it work, it just never really looked right, but thanks for the words 


:omg: Oh No! I didn't notice the date. In fact now that I think about it, I DO remember this release. It was around the time I met you and just before I came here.


Ahhh...goood times... :goodmood:

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