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ER Spawn UNofficial Update for Win MUGEN & 1.0


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ER Spawn UNofficial Update for Win MUGEN & 1.0

4 Specials & 4 Hypers added (based on Vyn's Ryu, Magus's Jill and Bizarro Toro's Steel)

Soundpack added (Nightmare from Soulcalibur 2 (ripped from youtube.com/watch?v=oMpJHUtMc-4)

Posted Image


UPDATE 12.04.16 :

Palettes added. (credits to http://lgnb.webs.com/mugen.htm)

Hyper BG modified :

Posted Image

Throw added.

EDIT 12.04.21 : Hyper BG fixed for P2.

UPDATE 12.06.26 :

New special added (Viper Beam from Cable), sprites by DG.

Posted Image

2 new hypers added based on the work of Mr Inifnite (Cable & Ultimate Cap America)

UPDATE 12.08.30 :

Some minor bug fixes. New superjump dust.

Character available at Mugen Multiverse forum : http://mugenmultiver....net/t313-spawn

Or http://www.duracelleur.com/mugen


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