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im having trouble putting characters into mugen



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Four ways:

  1. Rename the .def file to match the folder name.
  2. Rename the folder to match the .def filename.
  3. Add the character to the select.def in full. Normally you'd simply write their folder or .def filename because they'd be the same and MUGEN would know what to look for, but you can also write out the folder name followed by the .def filename (with extension); for example, if you had a character where their folder and .def filename were both kfm, you'd write kfm in the select.def, but if you had one where the folder name was kung_fu_man and the .def filename was kfm, you would write kung_fu_man/kfm.def in the select.def.
  4. Use VSelect, which does method 3 for you.
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