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AI of chars isn't available on command, help please


Hello, i have some chars that dont have AI values in their commands. Most chars i download have var(59) and i can tinker with that to get the AI difficulty that i want.

However, there is this char (as an example, since i think if i learn this one, i can solve the others) that's called Ruby Rose By Mr.Giang.

This char always opens the fight with the same combo, and she melts my HP in seconds.

Im trying to build a mugen for me and my friends and in no way is she a character that should be a boss based on her difficulty.

I tried changing the var(x) values that i find in her to other values like some tutorials online said, changed some varset's to null, triggers, and values to null, but the character continues to strong for me.

She has an helpers.cns, which i tried to edit, but either she continues strong or crashes the mugen.

Can anyone help me with this? The char is really good and i don't want to use order = 0 if i can.

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