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True Widescreen Stages Collection


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OK I found this collection thing is the core meaning of MUGEN free for all.
I decide to start my stage collection here.


What is a "True Widescreen stage" in this topic?


by technical standards
1. a Mugen 1.1 only stage
2. have zoomin value  <= 0.8 or 0.75
3. Localcoord value is at 16:9 or non 4:3 ratio


by Visual impression
Looks wider than 4:3 counterpart
Character at simluar size as 4:3 stages. (not too big)


By the way Normal "Widescreen" stages (without zoomin <=0.75)
Looks narror than 4:3
Character looks too big.
Because Character looks too big in those Normal "Widescreen" stages
people change the Localcoord in the Characters, this will result following issues.
1. You have to change all your characters, if you have 100 of them you change 100 times.
2. after change, you characters portrait become too small and can't fit in the frame.
3. You character may having other issues, like character have a built-in menu or power bar, they will be miss-aligned.
4. You character's super background may not able to show in full-screen.

So If you use "True Widescreen stage" non of the above will be a problem
you just use your normal sized character, it will work.


I have a video to show you the downside to change Localcoord to make character smaller.


and I have a Tutorial for you how to convert 4:3 to 16:9 true widescreen by yourself




------------- Collection (NOT in Beterhans's base collection)--------------


Stage direct from Alice Margatroid


Golden Ship


------------- Beterhans's Collection ---------

-->Download link in video description<--

This Mugen 1.1b bundle have pre-configed settings and 50+ True widescreen Stages

Beterhans's Stage releases playlist


-- click the video link and download link is in video description --


ChaosCode Hermes

Original Author : GLB

From Game : ChaosCode

Modified by Me for True Widescreen format



Stage name: Cerberus from Chaos code

original author: xX-Nero-Xx

True widescreen by Me



Stage name: Catherine from Chaos code

original author: GLB

True widescreen edit by Me



[True Widescreen Stage Download] Vein From Chaos Code

Original Author : EXShadow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm13rpdBE3k

From Game : ChaosCode

Modified by Me for True Widescreen format




[True Widescreen Stage Download] Ray's Casino From Chaos Code

Original Author : k6666orochi

From Game : ChaosCode

Modified by Me for True Widescreen format



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