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[MUGEN GAME] Mega Man Robot Master Mayhem - Official Version 3 RELEASE!

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My fellas O Ilusionista, Laspacho and the RMM Team released the Third Update of Mega Man Robot Master Mayhem! With these new additions.
- Five New Playable Characters: Bass, Elec Man, Pharoh Man, Shadow Man and Needle Man
- One New Boss: Metonger Z https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQEE7dtvD4w
- Two Revamped Characters: Guts Man and Mega Man
- New Stages
- Major updates and changes to all Characters
- New Push Block Mechanic
- All Characters now have two throws
- New Effects, Hit Sparks, and Hyper backgrounds
- Updated AI
- Updated Music Tracks
- Updated Screenpack

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