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Monster Mash


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yet another restoration of a forgotten relic from the ancient past. The original topic can be accessed via the Wayback Machine here.


Keep your expectations low for every characters seen in this thread, as having been created in the 2010 era of MUGEN and never received further updates ever since means that they all have their fair share of issues. It is therefore advised for them to be treated as merely collection / novelty items.



(Click on their names to download)

1rSdizK.png NuDto5S.png ZBSdFT1.png tviqDm1.pngaiCce8u.pngUeTXnm3.pngqJhXQwC.pngMGxcqBu.png9nsvUUm.pngKLAYdOG.png

Creature / Dracula / Frankenstein / Ghost / Golem / Headless Horseman / Mad Scientist (Mantis) / Mummy / Werewolf / Zombie



Character Pack - Stage Pack - Full Game


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