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Consulting the Hallowed Goddess(NSFW/1.1 Only) by Vegaz

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Well...here we are. I'm sure you weren't expecting this but I couldn't pass up on an image with such potiential. Props to Sky79 for the original image and maluck1557 for the original fire animation, which I resized for this stage. It also has superjump, looped bgm with water sounds effects. I guess there are several obvious innuendos to this stage, but the name is the most relevant. Those who are observant may get it, but not everyone will at first glance. So enjoy a really special stage inspired by a special person. 


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MAJOR UPDATE! Check first post for new video!

+Stage is larger
+Added scale zoom as well as increased stage zoom
+New galaxy animation thanks to Sky79
+Various updates to the existing sprites including re-rendered "goddess" by Margatroid

I'd like to thank everyone for their help and feedback particularly Margatroid for his Interpolation tutorial and guidance. Everyday is a step closer to greatness. Later…

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