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So lately i've been using brawlbox to create like sprites of the 3D models (Bowsette in the W.I.P for example) but however i realize i been getting tons of Questions about

The er Quality... any staff/mod/legacy member may know the answer to this but. if you look closely at my bowsette you can see that i'm doing well with her the only thing is the quality

and it's hitting me pretty hard..   i know Ridley does extremely well with his models but when i import the sprites(From brawlbox of the char) into the fighter factory it looks like this.


322563bea10a9dbb0ae2852bfd02351a.png   but when i'm ready to put her into action it looks like this .... 0d19dca3fca96885f0dfcd58313af6bc.png  So if anyone could give me tips on why this happens..

would be appreciated ..i did the size and everything

If i can beat this case with everyone's help i can seriously get started this is the only issue right here. ^ this bigger one is when shes in the stage ready to fight but that quality ain't gon pull it

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32-bit RGBA graphics become blurry when upscaled in MUGEN. If you want to avoid the blurry upscale completely, you'd have to index the sprites to a 256-colour palette, though an alternative would be to increase the original size of the sprites and use a smaller scale value/bigger localcoord, but even then that'd only work for as long as MUGEN's resolution is equal to or lower than the character's.

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