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[MOTU] Skeletor and He-Man

Lord Batros

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ok back b4 my old comp died these guys were just WIPs i used to go over to my cousins house to check & see if they were released yet, and obviously sometime back they were, ive had them forever now & i didnt see them anywhere so i thought maybe someone out there would dig em , as im a Masters giant Nerd i Love them , wish more were made i only knew of 1 other MOTU char and it was private & i was never EVER released and was deleted by the creator when he left mugen, prick lol

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crap.... must have been on my 4shared that got deleted ......thanks for the Re up, yeah the stages are from Kains full game that never got finished but was released as a beta , im sure its still on his site, ill look it up in a bit

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