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Cyber Ryu Evil by Kenshiro99 and RAMON GARCIA

ramon garcia

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Cyber Ryu Evil by Kenshiro99 and RAMON GARCIA

Private char made for me by the great "Kenshiro99" that I am publicly sharing with everyone. Note: I edited only a few things in the char, for example I did all 100 extra palettes and other small things, all credits are from "Kenshiro99" that made this masterpiece of char.
Note: In a couple of months I'm going to release versions of it with smaller sizes so it can be used in various types of compilations just like I did with the normal version of Cyber Ryu.



Note: The link of download is in description of video, please if possible don't post in comments to the people could see the entire video ok.
Any doubt let your comment in the video too.              

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