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How do i fix my character's walking intro?



I've tried giving my character just simply walking into the stage, but there is one problem, my character is not walking into the stage, only the walking animation is. is there any else way to fix this problem?

[Statedef 190]

type = S

ctrl = 0

anim = 190

velset = 0,0,0


[State 0, ScreenBound]

type = ScreenBound

trigger1 =2

value = 1

movecamera = 2,0

posset x = -200


[State 192, 2]

type = ChangeState

trigger1 = AnimTime = -10

value = 0

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yup, you also probably need a posset at time=0, to place your char off the screen then make it walk in with velset. Or just look at another char's code with the same thing (Q from SF3, for example) and see how it properly works.

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