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[SNES] Weapon Lord


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WeaponLord (SNES/Genesis, 1995)

1 of the greatest, most intricate & intuitive fighters ever made, WeaponLord is NOT for the faint of heart [read: casual player or "pick-up-&-go" fighter lover], it's only for the true fighter fanatic.

it's brutal & visceral as hell, which more than matches up with its theme of the age of the barbarian, & 1ce you start learnin' the system [which isn't as hard to pick up on as it seems, masterin' it is another matter altogether], includin' the specials & combos, you'll really appreciate the way it was handled, the genius that went into it.

& the kills? even MK isn't as optional with its fatal set as this game is. with the ability to decapitate, degut, brain, & maime freely, you can truly phukk up you victim 6 ways from Sunday mornin' cartoons, your only limit is your timin', & your imagination, which might get kinda dark & twisted playin' this 1.

so give this joint a turn or 10, if you've got the intestinal fortitude.

(warning: Genesis version is kinda cheap; you can get away with alot of shit, like infinites)

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the gameplay was not crap, not in the least. the mechanics were different, sure, but 1ce you learn the system, you'll understand why it was done that way. it allows a bit more freedom with performin' moves & combos, allowin' 1 to chain even special moves together. wish i was as good at it as i was 15 years ago [ugh. it hurt sayin' that out loud. damn i gettin' aged :/ ], i'd do a vid with some gameplay myself. hell, i might do it anyways, you never know. anywho, this game is still a fav, for how the system was handled, & of course for the blood, guts, fingers & toes :awesome

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Actually, i'm older then you and very proud! :=D:

Really Beaner? i didnt realize u are older than me?

^---i'm older than both of youse, & i'm pretty chill about it

i mean sure, granted the ligaments don't work like they usetah, but i get by

i was preety sure u were older than me alp,but i wasnt sure............... and trust me , i know how oldi am,when i bend down and both my kneese snap really loudly :donwan::=D:

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