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Fan's Character Movesets


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I'm trying to finalize these as much as possible. These WILL get updates.

This applies to custom stuff only, not conversions.







That one fat cat we all know and love.


  • Newspaper Toss: Does exactly what you think it does.
  • SPLUT!: Garfield ducks and a pie hits the opponent. Will misfire and hit Garfield instead, leaving him open
  • Fat Cat Headbutt: The fat cat launches headfirst into the opponent, which sends them into the air.
  • Got Any Mayo?: Garfield charges with a ham in his arms, knocking the opponent down. Funnier if used on a member of Team RWBY.
  • The Plant: Garfield places down a flower pot, which when attacked, exposes the Nephrolepis Monstera Carniverum Deliciosa Strangulatum, which covers a distance left and right.
  • Odie: The dumb mutt charges toward the opponent, launching them. One hit and he's out.



  • Hope Ya Like Tabasco Sauce (Lvl. 1 hyper): Garfield chugs a bottle of Tabasco sauce and breathes fire.
  • Yojumbo (Lvl. 1 hyper): Garfield dons his Yojumbo outfit and unleashes a multi-hit combo while moving forward. If blocked or dodged, Garfield will ask what he is doing.
  • Robodie Stampede (Lvl. 2 hyper): Garfield stuns the opponent as a fleet of robot dogs that look like Odie charge in.
  • ??? (Lvl.3 hyper)




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