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[PC] Streets Of Rage Remake v5

Sir Lord Alpyne

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Streets of Rage Remake v5

original post date- April 3rd, 2011 [updated]

Streets of Rage Remake Trailer [fan-made, best 1 out there!]

original site: http://www.bombergam...t/sorr_project/

alot of folks still post here on various topics dealin' with the game, such as tips & tricks for the game & such.


Posted Image

if you don't have this 1 by now, you're seriously sleepin' real hard on a great game.

they took elements from SoR 1, 2, & 3, to create a great experience; the characters are badass, the gameplay & control is tight, the look is greatly redone, & the replay factor is thru the roof, due to a gangload of alternative paths you can take [paths are both visible & secret on the v4 version. try to find & fight 'Cody' before the Ballpark elevator 0_o ], & the cash you earn each time you flip the game [cheats FTW!].

& the soundtrack? oh my damn! the remade/remix'd bgms are simply amazin' [i'm in the process of rippin'/kuttin' the soundtracks for v4 & v5, & i'll have'em both posted/available for download here soon, if demand is high enough that is.....].

it's a great phukkin' game, & you can tell that they put alot of work into it.

so go on ahead, deal out some hearty-can-o-ass-whoop justice. you gotta try it at least 1ce, you owe it to yourself.

also, some tips:

Playing it right now, how do we save?

there's an autosave feature that takes place at the beginin' of e'ry stage & sub-stage in the game that you go to [i.e. 1-2, 1-3, 4-1, etc.], but the only way to use it is if you exit the game usin' alt+x. when you restart the game up, it'll load at the beginin' of whatever stage you were last on [good for havin'/abusin' 'do-overs'], with whatever your status was enterin' it, sans any weapon(s) you had upon entry. it must be done usin' alt+x tho, cuz if you just quit the game from the start menu, it won't work.

-if you wanna be able to move up & down as you run, turn off the SoR3 exceptions option in miscellenous

-stack a little extra $$ by runnin' thru the game by yourself, with no cpu partner on a higher difficulty, a few times.

-if you choose to use a cpu partner, the best 1s to roll with IMO are Max & Adam, especially Max. Max's strentgh is very handy, & his stamina ensures that he'll be by your side for a good minute before he dies off.

also, both Max & Adam are just aggressive enough without goin' overboard. this is a very important plus, both $$ & point-wise.

Axel & Zan are too damn'd aggro, while Blaze & Skate's staminas are too thin, so they die off quickly, & you'll be fendin' for yourself, with now twice the amount of enemies, before you know what happen'd. Skate & Zan are also almost always in a hurry to move forward, which can lead to you missin' alot of item/weapon pick-ups, & dealin' with some waves of enemies/bosses waaaay before you are ready to. & all 4 of'em, more often than not, suffer from severe cases of "the stupids" [especially Skate & Zan], which can/will lead to occasionally gettin' stuck on a point of a stage, thus bein' forced to reset it over again.

both Skate & Zan screw'd me over in this manner:

-Skate, on 1 of the 1st levels of the boat stage, so i had to restart.

-Zan, who got stuck, right before the final showdown, on Mr. X's stage, after the twins fight. i had broke 1 million+ on my score, no more continues, & i had 8 phukkin' lives with a damn'd near full bar of health! that phukkin' idiot!

also, the 4 of them are greedy. as. phukk. they won't hog health, but they will gank items [bandanas, jewels, etc] all day, which isn't good for you, seein' as how that phukks with the amount of end-game $$ you get, which you need to unlock the items in the shop & all. you've been warn'd.

everything was beautiful in SoRR land, but then, just a week after the release of v5, this bitch-ass-ness'd shit had happen'd:


Sega shuts down monster Streets Of Rage Remake project

Sega's legal team has shut down a fan's massively-ambitious eight-year project to remake the game Streets of Rage.

A Spanish developer, who only goes by the internet handle "Bomber Link", spent the best part of a decade meticulously recreating Sega's Megadrive brawler from scratch. "It does not use reverse engineering nor a single line of code from the original games. It's all based on visual interpretation," Link says on the game's website.

The Streets of Rage Remake project, released online for free earlier this month, mashes all three beat 'em ups into one monstrous hybrid fan-game. The final project contains over 100 stages, 19 playable pugilists, 64 enemies and a full 76-song soundtrack remixed by five different musicians.

But just days after the file was released on various download and torrent sites around the web, Sega has stamped down on its release and is trying to get the game pulled. Their first port of call was Link's own downloads on the game's forum.

"Sega have contacted [me] regarding the download hosted on this site," Link writes. "While this issue is being resolved, please do not upload the game for others to download. Any links posted on this site will be removed."

In a statement, emailed to Wired.co.uk, a spokesperson from Sega said, "Sega is committed to supporting any fans that take an interest in our games, and where possible we do so by involving them in Beta tests and other development, marketing or research opportunities."

"However we need to protect our intellectual property rights and this may result in us requesting that our fans remove online imagery, videos or games in some instances."

The game's release wasn't a surprise, of course. Link and more than 20 collaborators have been toiling away at the game since 17 March 2003, and its lengthy, Herculean development has been widely publicised in the eight years since. On the site's FAQ, Link says the crew even notified Sega, long before the game's release.

Sega hasn't released a new Streets of Rage game since the franchise's third installment in 1994. But it continues to re-release the original games, including an iPhone app in 2009.

Spending years on fan-made remakes and tie-ins is always risky business, legally. The developers of online Pokemon battler Pokenet got served with a cease and desist notice from Nintendo in 2010, and the same publisher killed off fan-made Zelda movie The Hero of Time the year before.

Some studios are more lax on the subject than others. No surprises that benevolent PC publisher Valve has turned a blind eye to Black Mesa Source, an eternally-delayed shot-by-shot remake of the original Half Life in the new Source engine.

In a 2007 news post, Valve said, "We're as eager to play it here as everyone else."

Source: Wired.co.uk


the nerve of some of these damn'd haters in this world. Posted Image

the phukkin' assklowns at Sega go & try to hide their motives behind that I.P. shit, thinkin' folks with real sense wouldn't see thru the hater-ade bullshit for what it is, just like Crapcom with MegaMan. that shit is sad as all hell. it damn'd near seems like these companies are sayin' "you can be a fan/creator, sure. just make sure you bow your head, kiss our ass, & wait til we say otherwise while you do so".

see, now that's dat bullshit. Posted Image

Its not that Sega took it down that pisses me off.

Its the fact that they wait till Bombergames finishes the product and spent eight years of time and effort.

SoRR project was made to make the people who wanted a sequel to the Streets Of Rage series happy and have SOME hope that they will SOMEDAY get an official sequel.

Now, i hope Sega realizes that ALOT of people want a SoR sequel or a remake of all three(online) and that we ARE SICK OF WAITING. (Thus why this project got alot of fame)

Stop bullshitting around Sega ... We're sick of you remaking old games and making the game lose what originally made it great. We're sick of you making online polls with the SoR franchise on the list for it to be outvoted.(Due to most kids now who don't know what the fuck SoR is.) Most importantly ... We're sick of you spending time and resources making SHITTY sonic games that i would sooner send to a dumpster pile THAN play.

Now, you take away the one thing ... You as a company and us as fans can be proud of.

Re-examine yourselves before you go the way of SNK. (Love them but, its a good example)

If you don't know what i mean ... Ever wonder why its no longer JUST SNK and its SNK Playmore now?(SNKP)


'nuff said? maybe, maybe not.

thanx to the great Sir above us for online file storage sites, y'feel me?


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as far as i'm concern'd, it's what SoR 4 could've been had Sega stop'd iggin' the fans & gotten off of their collective asses to make it, except it exceeds even that. that's why they did what they did; they got show'd up & outdone, & they couldn't take it, tha pussies.

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It's a custom engine. Plays almost exactly like the Genesis/Mega Drive titles. I'm honestly surprised you haven't heard of it Zombiebrock. It had a bunch of publicity last year. So much in fact that Sega got scared and forced Bombergames to take the download links down and discontinue further patching of the game. It was already viral though so you can get it from a large number of places if you want it badly enough. Streets of Rage Online has it but they've recently password protected their downloads due to stupid webhosts being dicks. So you have to register for their forums to get the download username and password. SORRv5 also comes with SORMaker which doesn't allow for custom characters but you can make new levels, Place enemies, make your own cutscenes and add music. You have to unlock SORMaker first though.

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ikr? they did the WHOLE damn'd thing from scratch, not a lick of Sega's coding is used. 1 of the main reasons i respect it is because of how they did Adam: they really made him a fresh new character, gave him original moves, the works, so he plays as if he was in SoR 2 or 3. if you never play'd the series at all, & some1 told you he was in the later games, you'd be hard-press'd not to believe it. the control, the enemies, tha massive amount of multiple paths, shit! this joint is a true gem, period.

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uhh, CiCi, Sega drank a 50 Gallon water tower fill'd with hater-ade, then commenced to hurl it back up on Bombergames, just outside of a week after v5 was drop'd. read the 1st post sis. also, a Golden Axe joint like this would be pretty sweet.

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i feel ya, it doesn't feel that same at all. some games you can go back & play'em even tho they don't have some current featues, & it'll still be kool, but sometimes, a game comes along that just outshines tha shit outta it's predecessors, to tha point were goin' backwards feels awkward. SoRR is 1 of those games for me; it took tha bar, raised it, blew that bitch up, then rebuilt it better than it was before.

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Wait, SEGA didn't took it down? I heard some nasty rumors

I'd love to see a Golden Axe remake like this one

Sega didn't take it down themselves, no. They requested Bombergames to. It was a huge misunderstanding and there's still a lot of unanswered questions. Forum admins at Bombergames refuse to comment on the issue and they usually close any threads regarding the issue as well. Regardless, by the time they told Bombergames to take it down, the thing was already viral and now can be found in various places throughout the net. However, Sega forcing Bombergames to take the game down, means no patches to fix bugs (and there are quite a few glitches.)

I should probably also note, a number of the music tracks are not the ones intended for the final. Attack the Barbarian, Never Return Alive, and Dilapidated Town are some just to name a few.

Here they are if you're curious:


The version of Never Return Alive meant for the Final that didn't make the cut but was in the SORMaker Prototype mod.


This is the intended remix of Dilapidated Town but it didn't make it in. It's in the Ultimate OST download though along with the rest of these.


Attack the Barbarian. Note that this doesn't have the trademark "uh" noise in it. BGM1401 felt it didn't sound good in his rendition of the track. Though he did correct the notes to sound closer to the actual track itself.


Here's another version of Attack the Barbarian by the same author. It has the "Uh" sounds in it but the notes aren't as close to the one above.


This remix of Super Fantasy was supposed to be in Version 5 but didn't make the cut. Instead, we got the Genesis/Mega Drive mix. Btw, if you haven't heard The Genesis/Mega Drive version being played, that's because it's only played if you beat the game on Mania without any cheats and without save stating, including the Beta Max, BKIII names, and Uncensored Blaze cheats.

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Here you go. btw:

PLEASE NOTE: Most of the downloads on this site are password protected to protect against spammers. In order to get the username/password to download stuff here,

you will need to register on the forums.

I think it's stupid personally but I don't have a say in the matter. I'm just an admin on their forums, not a site owner. Though if you really love SOR, registering is probably the best thing ever IMO. Though I'm not gonna force you if you don't want to.

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