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AI Patch for varo_hades's Gen by Jadeeye


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Hi guys,


I have made A.I for varo_hades's Gen.




Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/882le5ztloxfxvt/AI_Patch_Varos_Hades_Gen.rar


- Can use all move of both mode instantly (because he can switch between Mantis and Crane without animation)
- Add AI Air Throw
- Add more AI Special and Super
- Using Jyasen and Ouga for attack
- Using Heavy Kick (Crane) and Jakouha for anti-air
- Using Forward Roll for dodging a projectile
- Using all of LV3 Super (Zetsuei is a most)
- Remove MoveCamera from Ouga to fix bug with wide screen stage


Comments and feedback are welcome. Enjoy!

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